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Déchets - Plus jamais cela !
- Never Again! Professionals : obligation to take the construction waste to the Grande Caye landfill. Rates below. Galisbay and Grandes Cayes Sites Links for opening times :
Constructions - Environnement
Constructions – reconstructions : The new building permits will be subject to the regulations of our ASL which will be replaced by a more modern specifications in progress and will be submitted to the vote of all the owners. Cleaning before cyclonic season:
Water leak - EEASM/SAUR
The resumption of water production management, distribution and wastewater treatment in Saint Martin by SAUR since December 2018 has led to changes in the relationship that ASL des Terres Basses usually had with VEOLIA.
Terres Basses History
A Saint Martin , les Terres-Basses constituent incontestablement l'une des parties les plus connues et appréciés de beaucoup de Saint­ Martinois, de touristes ainsi que de nombreux résidents qui y vivent, propriétaires ou locataires, tous recherchant la nature, le calme, l'espace  et la sécurité.

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